Magic Fur is delighted once again to offer the market a major novelty, a cleaning system with great innovative and technological impact: MAGIC FORMALOUT finally allows the reduction of the Formaldehyde used in some inorganic tanning processes and unfortunately often found in imported leathers and furs.

The Magic Fur group strongly believes in research and experimentation, and constantly leads the field in the offering of services in line with the market’s expectations and standards: MAGIC FORMALOUT is a unique, beneficial cleaning system in perfect harmony with European Regulation 1907/2006/EC (REACH) concerning the presence of formaldehyde on leathers and furs.

Our MAGIC FORMALOUT cleaning system is based on in-depth experience in the leather and fur cleaning and care industry and has been specifically developed to ensure a high quality standard at all times.

In our laboratory we can verify the content of formaldehyde (in the leather and fur samples) as indicated by ISO/DIS 17226-1:2018(E) - IULTCS/IUC 19-1:2018(E) with the help of highly sophisticated analysis tool: HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) Magic Fur can detect quickly and accurately the quantity of formaldehyde present in the materials to be treated and therefore optimize and personalize the MAGIC FORMALOUT process to obtain the reduction formaldehyde as required by current legislation.

After the treatments, our laboratories will issue a certificate in line with the International Organization for Standardization ISO/DIS 17226-1:2018(E) - IULTCS/IUC 19-1:2018(E) (Leather - Chemical determination of formaldehyde content - Part 1: Method using high performance liquid chromatography).