Magic Fur is proud to present MAGIC LAB, our new in-house laboratory perfectly equipped for the measurement of formaldehyde levels, as required by the relevant standards:

UNI/TR 11359:2010 - Safety management of textiles, clothing, furnishing, footwear, leather and accessories.

UNI 10594:2010 - Leather, characteristics of leather to be used in footwear industry.

Our laboratory is able determine the formaldehyde content (on leather and fur specimens) in accordance with the ISO/DIS 17226-1:2018(E) - IULTCS/IUC 19-1:2018(E) method, with the aid of a very sophisticated analysis tool: HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography), Magic Fur will be able to determinate the amount of formaldehyde in the materials for processing quickly and precisely, and optimize and customize the MAGIC FORMALOUT cleaning system accordingly, to reduce the formaldehyde level as required by the UNI regulatory process.