SALVAGUARDAROBA® is a brand new product that provides effective protection for clothes (it is moth-repellent) and rooms, emitting an attractively fresh fragrance. It contains Tea Tree essential oil, a natural active substance extracted from the tea tree which is not harmful for people or the environment. A natural purifier and sanitiser, it eliminates bacteria and unpleasant odours at source and controls the development of pathogens. It is ideal for wardrobes, cupboards, broom cupboards, drawers, shoe cabinets, laundry bins, changing-room and gym lockers, workplaces, vacuum-cleaner bags, cars, storerooms and many other uses.


Open the fragrance-conserving “alubag” pack and remove the cards or the breathable sachets of granules. The cards or sachets are ready to use;

Place cards or breathable sachets on the floor, on shelves, in wardrobes or cupboards, etc.,.. or they can be placed in AF Demi-Diamond™, traps for wall-mounting or hanging;

The handy, user-friendly cards can be cut into two or more pieces for use in small spaces;

SALVAGUARDAROBA® Magic NaturalSALVAGUARDAROBA® Magic NaturalPlace cards or breathable sachets close to the garments for protection;

Cards or breathable sachets should be positioned every 5 m2 in large rooms, to create an evenly spaced grid;

Cards or breathable sachets must be placed well away from doors or windows, where draughts might cancel out their protective effect;

Change cards or breathable sachets every 4 weeks depending on the time of year;

Fragrances available: citrus and cinnamon


Moths (tineola bisselliella) mainly appear in spring, summer and autumn, but in warm, well ventilated places they can breed all year round.

Rooms or spaces should be cleaned before use for storing clothes, furs, etc

Information contained in this data sheet is suggested by our experience. It is indispensable to adapt them to various situations and don't imply our responsibility. Our products are guaranteed 6 months if properly treated.